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Tulipohamba Institute 2023 Intake (Free Application & Registration)

Tulipohamba Training and Assessment Institute 2023 Intake The Tulipohamba Training and Assessment Institute has opened the 2023 applications for applicants who wish to study the following programs at the institute. Available programmes for the 2023 intake; 2023 CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS -Certificate in Counselling Level 4 -Certificate in Community Health Education Level 4 -Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Level… Read More »

Welwitchia University September 2022 Certificate in Health Science Foundation Intake (Grade 11&12)

Welwitchia University New Foundation Intake for September 2022 (Grade 11&12) Applications for foundation courses are now open for the September 2022 applicants with grade 11 or low grade 12 points. Grade 11s and 12s with low points, now have a great opportunity with us. Those with a passion for health education have access to a foundation course. Upon… Read More »