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Our approach to tourism

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When we created Tourmaline Safaris, we had this obsession for landscapes, lights, animal observation, but also and above all, the practice of tourism in accordance with the environment and local communities.

Since then, our small company has grown a lot, putting us face to face with a responsibility: to reconcile the development of the activity with our concern for the protection of the environment and the local populations.

Ecotourism, fair tourism, responsible tourism… .. so many expressions very in vogue. But how can you be sure to respect the freedom of the other? How to ensure to participate in the development of populations while being eco-responsible? How to be concretely involved in these causes while ensuring a tourist activity which makes it possible, among other things, to employ and pay local staff?

Between the members of our team, the debate is permanent:

  • How far does this responsibility go, ours?
  • What authority and credit do we have in deciding what is good and what is not for the country and its people?

As a local operator, we are an intermediary between travelers and the many service providers in the country. We are on site and have a duty of information, often prevention.

In order to position itself in a quality approach to tourism in Namibia and to support tourism that respects the environment and local populations, Tourmaline Safaris is a member of two Namibian associations, Tasa and Tosco.


Phone / Fax: 00 264 61 22 01 97

Phone / Fax: 00 264 61 22 01 97

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