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Town Hoppers Transport Service Namibia Job Vacancies

About us
Based in Namibia’s ‘playground’ Swakopmund, Town Hoppers delivers a DAILY Passenger Transportation Service operating between Swakopmund and Windhoek, successfully doing so since August 2005 offering this service in absolute comfort, with the knowhow knowledge, hands-on experience and professionalism. The company is a truly Namibian owned entity and a true alternative to passenger transportation resources that offers a high level of practical experience, knowhow and confidentiality. Client must know by making use of Town hoppers is much more hassle free way to reach their destinations safely and on time as we offer daily bus departures from Swakopmund to Windhoek on a fixed time schedule. We offer the client options to choose as we offer different packages within our structures. Our main aim is to create an environment where all clients can relax, be safe and comfortable whilst travelling. At Town Hoppers cc, we focus on top quality service. 

Our Route
Town Hoppers covers the main route B2 between Swakopmund and Windhoek, passing through Usakos, Karibib, Wilhelmstal and Okahandja. We also offer airport shuttle connections to the Hosea Kutako International Airport, which is about 55 kilometres out of Windhoek. Additionally we offer private transfers on group or individual request. 

Door to door: N$350.00+
Door to Bus stop or vice versa: N$270.00
Bus stop to Bus stop: N$230.00  

Bookings in advance are essential to secure your seat. Payments can be done via Credit Card and EFT transfers or visit our office in Swakopmund for cash payments  

Mobile: +264 (0)81 210 3062
Telephone: +264 (264) 221713
Address: Otavi Str.
Ane court shop 2

Postal Address: P.O.Box 5130, Walvisbay Namibia

1. Door-to-Door Service:
Town Hoppers offers a door to door service in Swakopmund and Windhoek on request. Pickups are done randomly, this being the reason why no specific pickup time can be given for the door to door pickups and this may lead to frustrations for some client as the bus travels to each pickups address on a random basis and same scenario applies for the drop offs as the driver solely decides on his drop and pick up routes. All passengers must be ready for pick up 60 min prior to departure and notification is given that the drop off scenario takes another 60 min. This is also the reason why the door to door options is the most expensive option as prices are charged as per area in which pickup points are situated.  

2. Bus Stop-To-Door Service or (vice-versa):
Town Hoppers also offers a Bus stop to door service along the route where we only offer and have bustop pickups at Arandis, Usakos, Karibib, Wilhelmstal and Okahandja (bus stop clients to be at the bustop points 30 min prior to departure)  

3. Bus Stop-To-Bus Stop:
Town hoppers hereby offers the client a point to point transport service, making available an option where you can be dropped at a bustop this is the first stop upon arrival in any destination. All passengers to be at the bus stop 30min prior to departure.  

Our Busses
Town Hoppers delivers in clean, comfortable, safe and fully air conditioned 14 – Seater Mini Busses. All Mini-busses are equipped with separate seatbelts, adjustable chairs and moveable headrests to ensure extra comfort. 

Our Drivers
It has been a long and difficult process in finding suitable drivers that meet with the Town Hoppers criteria. Our main emphasis rests on driving skills and safety, closely followed by humanity, humble personalities, and customer care. Town Hoppers drivers have therefore been carefully selected in terms of their skills and experience in the transport business. We trust that our drivers are qualified to fill this ‘high risk position’ and have the skills and personality to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

Our Safety measures
All our busses are equipped with separate safety belts; it is therefore recommended that all passengers fasten their seatbelts while travelling with Town Hoppers. Town Hoppers has a comprehensive insurance cover, passenger and public liability. Every bus is equipped with a First Aid Box and a Fire Extinguisher. Town Hoppers adheres to all road safety regulations and include regular stops on route. Our busses are non-smoking & No alcoholic drinks are allowed whilst travelling. 

Harassment, harassic, violent, abusive, racist, disorderly behaviour or remarks are not allowed nor will it be tolerated. A person may be asked to leave or refused entry on a Town Hopper Shuttle or contract vehicle prior to reaching their destination, if a person/s are violent, intoxicated, disorderly or aggressive towards the driver, staff members or fellow passengers, the company reserves the right to refuse travel or to remove a passenger from the service. In such cases the company reserves the right to report such individuals to the nearest police station immediately. No pets are allowed on any Town Hopper busses.


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