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Triumphant College 2020 Application Open

The Triumphant College has opened the 2020 intake, new applicants are hereby being notified to start their application before the closing date is due.

The following listed programmes are for the 2020 academic year and available for study on the Triumphant College various campusses. Students are to use the contact information provided below for assistance and further information on the admission process.

Triumphant College Courses Available for the 2020 Application

List of Triumphant College courses

Project Management

Construction Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Telecommunication Engineering

Information Technology

Accounting and Finance

Business Studies

Human Resource Development

Journalism and Media Studies

Legal Studies

Marketing Management


Secretarial and Administration Studies

Travel and Tourism

Early Childhood Education

Triumphant College 2020 Admission/Entry Requirements

Have you applied yet ? If not apply Now!!! Triumphant College Requirements, minimum 18 Points in Grade 12.

General Triumphant College Entry Requirements

Admission Criteria for Certificate programmes is usually Grade 12 with a minimum of certain points. From here students progress to Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Degrees. The Criteria varies across the Schools and Departments of the College and the student is advised to consult the relevant School.

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About Triumphant College

History Background

Triumphant College was established in 2006. Its establishment, to a great extent, derives from Namibia Vision 2030, which identifies Education, Science and Technology, as one of its driving forces in achieving the national goals. In 2006, when it started the College offered high quality support to high school students in science and math areas using computer aided learning.

In 2007 the College started offering tertiary level courses in Management and Commercial fields, partnering mainly with the Association of Business Managers and Administrators (ABMA), an examination board based in the UK that awards Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in areas of Business, Tourism, Computer Science, Human Resources and many others

In 2008 the College started offering engineering based courses collaboration with City and Guilds, a world-wide examination board also based in the UK. The fields of engineering focus were:  Construction Electrical, Electronics, and Telecommunications.

The courses led to Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma. The College also in this year entered an agreement with the Open University of Tanzania (OUT) to offer a variety of their degree programmes at Triumphant College and also with the London Centre of Marketing to offer Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diplomas in more wide fields. 

In 2009 the College opened a branch in Rundu, one of the Northern towns of Namibia. In this year, the College was accredited by the Namibia Qualification Authority (NQA). Also in this same year, the College entered an agreement with the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM) in the UK to widen the College’s course offerings.  

In 2010 the College opened another branch in Katima Mulilo, a major town in North Eastern Namibia. In 2011, in pursuance of excellence and superior service delivery, the College undertook a major review of its programmes, formulated the second five year strategic plan, and expanded the Bureau of Professional Training and Life Long Learning and acquired more equipment for the engineering courses.

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Triumphant College

Windhoek Campus

1 Schoeman Street, Windhoek

Tel +264 61 234903           Fax +264 61 303256

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Triumphant College

Katima Mulilo Branch

Chika Matondo Street, Katima Mulilo

P O Box 431, Katima

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Triumphant College

Rundu Branch

Maria Mwengere Avenue (Former Nored Building)

P O Box 1345, Rundu

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