By | April 26, 2018

The University of Ghana (UNAM) CODeL Students Re-Submission of Assignments Notice – CIRCULAR NO 2

Dear Students,

It has come to our attention that some students qualify for a re-submission, which is to take place in a form of an automated online test. However, we noted that some students qualify for re-submission in multiple modules. Therefore, we would kindly like to inform all our distance-mode students that the re-submission in a form of an online test will not be possible, thus the status quo will remain as it was before (implying that you will have to pay the N$ 80-00 for re-submission per module, attach the receipt and submit the improved assignment, whether assignment 1 or 2 or both on 27 April 2018 with the cut-off date the same day via MOODLE at 23:55pm.

Please follow the steps outlined in Appendix 1 as attached to ensure successful submission of assignments. Should you not be able to access Assignment 1 or 2 re-submission option on Moodle, kindly log a ticket to CODeL at: for assistance. Since, there will be no other opportunity after this to upload re-submitted assignment(s).

The University of Namibia has made efforts to enhance your access to Internet to smoothen your online learning activities, including assignment submission, hence the 3G dongle you received. However it still remains your responsibility to ensure that you have access to quality Internet when submitting assignments. This includes ensuring that you are in an area that has access to an Internet network, and make timely alternative arrangements to access the Internet if your Internet device malfunctions.
 CODeL uses Moodle to send notices, provide you access to digital study guides, facilitate your online submission of assignments and offers a communication platform. You must update your email on Moodle so that you can receive notifications through your personal email address. You must also log into Moodle at least 3 times a week, and not just when you are submitting assignments.

Thank you
Ms A-M Biwa Assistant Registrar: CODeL on behalf of CODeL Management