By | November 1, 2018

UNAM Conferences 3rd Multi/Interdisciplinary Research Conference 2019

The Multi/Interdisciplinary Research Conference which was instituted in 2015 was the first bi-annual conference hosted by the University of Namibia’s Multidisciplinary Research Centre (MRC). This bi-annual conference was a means for MRC to fulfil its vision, mission and strategy. The key mission of the MRC is to “promote, conduct, and co-ordinate research; to provide consultancy, advisory, and other services to the community; to foster, in collaboration with UNAM’s Faculties and relevant other Centres, the transmission of the accumulated body of knowledge through teaching, especially at postgraduate level. The MRC strategy is to conduct applied research in national priority areas through collaborative research partnerships with local and international partners; benchmark quality of the research process and outputs through participation in international research networks as well as to increase relevance of research outputs with stakeholders and end users of research products. It is against this background and within this framework that the Multi/interdisciplinary Research Conference has been held and the 2019 multi-interdisciplinary conference will be the 3rd bi annual conference since 2015.