By | October 1, 2018

UNAM Driving Innovation at Windhoek show

The exhibition will display some of the best work from the University of Namibia’s research community. Personnel from the Agronomy & Horticulture Department within the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources will display the benefits of higher-quality compost through the vermicomposting process. In addition, the Bush-to-Feed project, all research for the production of animal feed from encroacher bush biomass, will also be on display. Mushroom lovers, can also see the innovative mushroom farming project that aims to promoting the production, consumption as well as the medicinal use of mushrooms at the exhibition.

Mr Edwin Tjiramba, Director of Communications and Marketing, said: “The new approach of the exhibition aims to give an insight into the wide range of research carried out at the University and the way that this research can make a difference to society. It also provides those who take part with an opportunity to think about their research in a new and engaging way.”

Now members of the public will have the opportunity to engage with the exhibition during the buzzing Windhoek Show.

Another twist to the stand will be the entertainment corner that is managed by UNAM students. The public will also be able to enquire about the various academic and professional courses offered as well as application questions answered at the general enquiry section of the stand.

All research enthusiasts, alumni, prospective students and the general public at large are invited to visit the University of Namibia stand, for an enriching experience, and possibly walk away with giveaways.