By | October 9, 2018

UNAM  News  Differently abled Students Showcase Able Talents

The just ended Disability Awareness Week at UNAM’s Main Campus had lots of surprises, but eventually culminated in a talent show, in which differently abled students demonstrated that being disabled does not deter a person from having a fulfilling life.

Appropriately themed, “Have You Ever Imagined”, the function attracted members of the University of Botswana’s Disability Unit. They were eager to share their experiences about making universities more friendly for students with certain types of impairments and ensure that they are not excluded from higher education.

The keynote speech was delivered by a representative of Deputy Minister, Disability Affairs, Hon. Alexia Manombe. The main message was “Do not diss my ability” emphasising that disabled people are able and thus should be given the right support in order to enjoy their lives as able human beings”

Two high school pupils Kertu and Romeo were particularly impressed with the event.

Kertu, wants to be a nurse because “I just want to help people” she says.

Romeo, hopes to become a lawyer. “I have seen a lot of people going to jail who are innocent”