By | September 18, 2018

UNAM Oshakati Campus Stimulates Research Output 2018

In an effort to upsurge research undertakings, the Northern campuses of UNAM held an intra-research seminar, targeting resident staff of Oshakati Campus, those at Hifikepunye Pohamba and Ogongo Campuses, respectively. Appropriately themed “Research for development and human wellbeing”, the seminar sought to expand on research about wellbeing in different contexts.

To that end, the guest speaker was Professor Brooke A.Scelza, a leading anthropologist conducting research amongst the Himba community in the Kunene Region. His speech set the tone for the rest of the seminar and encouraged more research about Namibia.

One major outcome of the seminar, was the compilation of a research booklet containing participants’ names, abstracts of the research results; works-in-progress and proposals presented at the seminar. A member of the organising committee, Dr Lucia Pinehas was thrilled by the attendance rate and the momentum of the seminar. About twelve topics were presented by the researchers. “The seminar was aimed at promoting research activities and collaboration amongst the participating campuses and the UNAM community at large,” said Dr Pinehas after the seminar. She added, “It is the belief of the Oshakati Campus Research Committee members that the continuous hosting of research events will facilitate and increase research activities amongst staff members.” For those who may have an interest in the topics discussed, the booklet is available on request from the Oshakati Campus Research Committee.