By | September 18, 2018

UNAM Student Fees


All current and prospective students of the University of Namibia are urged to take note of the following approved compulsory minimum registration, tuition and hostel (where applicable) fees deposit for the 2018 academic year.

Registration Fees Deposit

in N$ Namibian Students SADC Students Non SADC Students
Registration fees 1 425 1 425 1 425
Connectivity Fees 575 575 575
International Student levy 0 2 500 2 500
Total minimum Deposit Payable: Non Hostel Students 2 000 4 500 4 500

All students (including bursaries and loans holders) should pay a compulsory Connectivity Fee of N$ 575 (N$ 500 + N$75 VAT). 

Tuition Fees Deposit

in N$ Namibian Students SADC Students Non SADC Students
Tuition fees (Deposit) 50% 60% 70%

Estimated Tuition Fees can be obtained from the following website: . 

Hostel Fees Deposit (per semester)

in N$ Namibian Students SADC Students Non SADC Students
Main/Neudamm/Ogongo/ José Eduardo Dos Santos/Sam Nujoma  (Breakfast included) 11 630 11 630 15 230
Hifikepunye Pohamba/Khomasdal/Katima Mulilo/Rundu/Southern (Breakfast included) 7 550 7 550 11 070
Health Sciences North (Breakfast excluded) 8 400 8 400 16 800
Health Sciences Windhoek (Breakfast excluded) 14 400 14 400 28 800

A Wear & Tear Fee of N$850 (non-refundable) is payable before or on the day of Registration.

Hostel Fee is payable upfront, on the day of Registration, at the beginning of each semester.

Important notices

  • Students are encouraged to sort out their financial enquiries prior to registration.
  • Outstanding balances of previous years should be settled in full, before registration.
  • Students, who settle their Tuition Fees before the end of February qualify for a 10% discount on Tuition Fees (excl. additional class fees) and should apply in writing on or before 30 June of the same year.
  • In order to be exempted from paying the required deposit, bursary holders need to provide written proof of sponsorship / bursary from the Donor.
  • Students registering with an Acknowledgement Letter from Namibia Student Financial Assistant Fund (NSFAF) should pay the Registration Fee of N$1,425, Connectivity fee of N$ 575 (N$ 500 + N$ 75 VAT) plus the required deposit for campus accommodation.  Kindly take note that the Acknowledgement Letter is not a guarantee for a loan to be awarded.
  • Connectivity Fees are compulsory and charged once off, paid to obtain internet access for the year via tn mobile (Telecom Namibia).
  • Late Registration Fee of N$600 is payable by all students who register after normal registration.
  • Direct bank deposits and electronic transfers (EFT) should be done two (2) working days before registration date.
  • student number must be used as reference for all direct and electronic deposits.
  • Cheque payments directly into the University’s bank account should be made five (5) working days before registration date.
  • Payments at the different University Campus cashiers, will reflect immediately.
  • Due date for the remaining balance after registration is 30 June 2018.
  • For more information, please refer to the 2018 Student Fees Prospectus.

Payment plan on Remaining Balance(Non-Bursary/Loan Holders)

  • Sign a Debit Order/Settlement Agreement at Registration to pay off the outstanding balance by or on 30 June 2018 (only applicable for Namibian students).

Bank details are as follows

Account name: UNAM Student Deposit Account
Account type: Current account
Bank name: First National Bank Namibia
Branch code: 281872
Swift code: FIRNNANX
Account number: 62246793451
Reference number: Student Number (Compulsory)