University of Namibia 2022 Access Course (Admissions)

By | March 14, 2022
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University of Namibia (UNAM) 2022 Access Course

• English Access Course and Language Short Courses (Until 11 March)

The management of the University of Namiba (UNAM) has announced the 2022 English Access Course admissions. Prospective applicants are to read the admission guidelines and eligibility criteria below.

This 1-year full-time English Access Course aims to bringing the students’ English to par with the minimum requirements for UNAM. The course is designed for students who have completed Grade 12 with a minimum of 25 points.

It is offered at the following UNAM Campuses: Katima Mulilo, Khomasdal (Windhoek), Oshakati, Rundu, Southern (Keetmanshoop) and Hifikepunye Pohamba (Ongwediva).

Registration Dates:
Until 11th March, 2022
Venue: Language Centre, D Block. Office D220

Admission Criteria
The course is designed for students who have completed Grade 12 with a minimum of 25 points (that is; top 4 subjects should be 22 points plus English with E or D-symbol). These students have reached the minimum required points for admission to UNAM, except the required minimum C grade in English.

Payment information:

NB: The previous stated fees were from last intake period. Contact the management for the updated 2022 fees structure

ACC NO. 55500057621
Application fee:
Reference: 8000/5208

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Deposit/class fee:

Name: University of Namibia
ACC. NO. 555 000 57 621
Windhoek Branch
Class fee Reference:
0601/3002 AND student name or ID number

Compulsory payment at registration =

Total Course Fee:

Payments are done at any Unam’s cashier or Bank Dep.

NB: Students must always submit proof of payment to the Language Centre after each payment.

Class Information:

Windhoek classes will take place at Khomasdal Campus, four times per week (Mondays to
Thursdays), three hour sessions.


NB: The previous stated fees were from last intake period. Contact the management for the updated 2022 fees structure

Closing Date: 11th March, 2022

Online Application

(How to Apply Online)

Contact Us

University of Namibia


Private Bag 13301
Windhoek, Namibia


+264 61 206 3111

+264 61 206 3199


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158 thoughts on “University of Namibia 2022 Access Course (Admissions)

  1. Gideon Joseph

    Good day! English access 2022 application will only be done online? If not, where can I get application form Rundu campus?

  2. Anna David

    Hi Sir ,I am Anna David , I want to apply for access course 2022,Ongwediva..when is the due date, and where to get the application forms

    1. Toivo Nghinyekwa

      Good day!
      I have 25 points in 5 and E in english, did i qualify to do english access.And if i do.will the management extent it’s due date for us who recieved results on 10th of march 2022?

  3. nikodemus festus

    to be honest i don’t understand anymore, why is the university asking for 22 points in four subjects for the english access course again? what if i only have 21 points in four subjects? will i still be admitted

  4. Loide wilka shiweda

    How are you sir or madam I got 25points in 5 including English with e symbol,am I qualified for access course for 2022?

  5. Natangwe Julius

    Do we have English access course this year with it’s former requirements and when application forms will be out?

  6. hileni

    Hii how can i apply online I’m trying to get application but I get stuck what can i do

  7. Johannes

    Good day!I’m trying to apply for access,but when I’m getting on unam platform and click on English access course,only a “not found” notification will appear.
    Please help on how i can apply.

  8. Loide shiweda

    When can I register for English access course 2022,since you said on the 21st but your system is still closed

  9. Amon

    Hi miss Eises!when will the online English access course form you said will publish will be out?

  10. Alweendo Dorian

    Hi how can i apply access course online i have been trying to apply but i got stuck

  11. Maggruth John

    Hiii! When is the online applications will commence(English Access Course 2022)?

  12. Loide wilka shiweda

    Hi Miss Eises ,I applied for Access on the 23rd of February 2022 ,but I received no notification that I am admitted or not,and only few days left to the registration dates

    1. Gideon Shikongo Joseph

      Hi Loide I need your assistance in applying for English access, contact me on 0816616337

      1. Aletha

        I applied for English access course and I got admitted on Friday the 11th. I would like to know when 8s the due date for registration and how much 8s the registration fee?

    1. Selma

      I want to know when are the class starting and how much is the registration

  13. Remember

    I have 21 points in 4 and D in English, am I qualified for access?

  14. William Olivia T

    I applied for access last year at katima mulilo campus.I was admitted and I paid but I didn’t get a chance to register I still need to apply again or I will just register

  15. Selma M Amadhila

    I’m confused because I applied two courses for 2022 intake and I got rejected, I still want to apply for access but I’m not going through apparently because I am only allowed to make 2 applications per year… now the question is what must be the way forward or the applications are closed already.?

  16. Dolly Tuffy

    Afternoon…as the due date for English Access course was today,..when will they notify us that we are admitted or not?

  17. juuso

    I have 25 points in 4 subjects and F in English, am I qualified for access?

  18. Johannes

    Good afternoon sir/madam
    When are you releasing the names for English Access intake 2022?

  19. Johanna

    When are they going to start sending admitting letters to those who applied for English access course …or they are only going to post out names at the campuses?

  20. Juuso shivute

    I have 25 points in 4 subjects and f in English, am I qualified

  21. Sarote

    Hello, kindly need urgent assistance jc got my results today
    Can I still apply fr Eng access or due date have passed arldy
    Pls help out

  22. Maria

    Afternoon?When the date of access late applications will be out?

  23. Hilma Shikongo

    I have 26 points in 5 and F in English, am I qualify for access?

  24. Albertina Kavela

    Good day sir/madam is there any late application for legacy timetable ? Or maybe just anything for us that just received our result yesterday 10 March 2022 .. English access course

  25. Gabriel Nestor

    Hi, I just find it out yesterday (Friday) that I’m admitted for English access course at Oshakati campus and it was very late to go there and again the deadline was also on Friday. I didn’t receive an email or sms that I was admitted I just checked on portal and my admission status is written FULL ADMISSION. What should I do now? Is there a late registration for English access course? Please help I don’t want to loose this opportunity.

  26. Haviety

    How many points do I need to qualify for English axcess because they say you have to get 27 in five subjects and I have 25 do I qualify

  27. Job Haunawa

    I received my results on 10 march, and the deadline of excess was on 11 for the extra days that the management add for us to apply, are we going to apply online or can we visit compuses


    I heard the online application for english excess is still Going it true ? How to apply for english excess online ? How do I find the form

  29. Johanna

    Are there still space for English access course at Hp campus

  30. Titus martin

    Good evening. I have 26 point in 5 subject E in English . Do I have a chance with access? Won’t be there late registration for us who recently got our result

  31. maria

    I have applied for access on 15 march but I have not receive an notification yet ,what must I do because I have reached all access requirements.

  32. Job Haunawa

    I applied English excess coarse last week Monday and still today i only received the application notification to my email. When are we going to receive our admitted notification because days are going yet we don’t know where we stand.

  33. Nyangana j shingelesa

    I applied for English access but yet I obtain no response


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