By | December 3, 2018

University Of Namibia DAAD Alumni Meet In Windhoek

“Building sustainable networks, tackling social responsibilities and fostering empowerment“ was the motto of this year’s DAAD Alumni Meeting.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) organised a first-in-along-time alumni meeting for former and current DAAD scholarship holders in Windhoek, Namibia.

Mr Cay Etzold from the DAAD Head Office in Bonn talked to UNAM about DAAD’s scholarship programmes for Sub-Saharan Africa. He was accompanied by various speakers who travelled all the way from Germany and Uganda to contribute to the meeting.

The objective was to help alumni build sustainable networks, tackle social responsibilities and foster empowerment. The meeting also aimed at establishing a sustainable DAAD alumni platform for Namibia, where graduates and researchers can network, interact and reach out to other institutions, companies and the community.

DAAD is one of the world’s largest funding organisations for the international exchange of students and researchers. Each year,
DAAD provides more than 130,000 scholarships to both German and international scholars. DAAD offers scholarships for postgraduate and doctoral studies, as well as for postdoctoral research.

Furthermore, DAAD also promotes various programmes for international co-operations that focus on capacity building, staff and students exchange, curriculum development and research. More information on DAAD and their programmes can be obtained at or

If you are a DAAD alumni, but did not know about this event, please do get in touch with the DAAD representative in Namibia either via e-mail or Facebook “DAAD Lektorat Namibia“. DAAD Namibia looks forward to engaging with all alumni in this newly created network! The planning of a follow-up alumni event for 2019 is already in process and we look forward to seeing you there.