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VA Tourism Namibia Job Vacancies

Namibia selfdrive booking

Vision and Mission Statement

VA Tourism Namibia has designed this website to provide always accurate and up-to-date information for the traveller and if desired, connect and introduce the individual visitor to the local Namibian travel expert, Andrea Dreyer.

Visitors to Namibia and incoming tour operators can download the free interactive map and can use the different sections of the website to quote, bundle and book all travel arrangements of a Namibia holiday in one single shopping basket, which is especially valuable for planning self-drive vacations.

VA Tourism Namibia guarantees up-to-date ‘rack rates’ (recommended selling prices) and 24/7 communication with the concerned traveller to provide expert advice for a carefree Namibian holiday, with a prompt and professional information and booking service, rounded off with travel vouchers, maps and practical tips, and even ‘meet and greet’ services if so desired.

Why Choose Us

  • Namibia Safaris+Travel Service has moved!
  • Registered with the Namibia Tourism Board
  • Trustworthy – Fully bonded
  • We are Namibians – we work for you
  • We know all our Airline partners
  • We know all our Car Rental partners
  • We know all our Accommodation partners
  • We know all our Adventure partners
  • VA Tourism is at your service: 24/7/365
Andrea Dreyer
P O Box 91430
NAMIBIA  NTB Reg no: BOO 00191
Namibia Mobile: +264-81-1291449
Skype: andrea.dreyer Start chat

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