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Windhoek Vocational and Training College Application and Registration Forms 2020/2021

At WVTC we offer equal opportunity to applicants and as such we encourage applicants and registrants to download the application registration forms below and submit them to the office for processing


Starting your academic journey is always an interesting and yet confusing period. We have compiled some crucial information that will assist you to understand the study paths available.

All qualifications are registered on the National Qualifications Framework, according to their level of complexity. The NQF consists of a number of fields of learning, subfields and domains known as the NQF Classification System. Qualifications are placed on the NQF according to their level and an approved item from the NQF Classification System.The NQF for Namibia has 10 levels and our sister organization, the Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) is the custodian of the NQF. The NQA has developed a level descriptor for each of the 10 levels .

Explore our different levels of training in the trades and navigate to the Trade Page to see more indepth detail about our respective specialisations.


This level of training in the Trades employs recall and a narrow range of knowledge and cognitive skills. No generation of new ideas.Carry out processes that are limited in range, repetitive and familiar, and employed within closely defined contexts.Applied in directed activity under close supervision with no responsibility for the work or learning of others.


On attainment of this level of training you should expect the ability to employs basic operational knowledge using readily available information. Uses known solutions to familiar problems with little generation of new ideas.

Carry out processes that are moderate in range, are established and familiar and offer a clear choice of routine responses.Applied in directed activity under general supervision and quality control. Some responsibility for quantity and quality, with possible responsibility for guiding others.


This level of trading involves Employing some relevant theoretical knowledge and interpretation of available information. Uses discretion and judgement over a range of known responses to familiar problems.

Carry out processes that require a range of well-developed skills and offer a significant choice of procedures within a range of familiar contexts.Applied in directed activity with some autonomy. Under general supervision and quality checking, though with significant responsibility for the quantity and quality of output, with possible responsibility for the output of others.




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