By | March 11, 2021

Aingura Attorneys Namibia Job Vacancies

Aingura Attorneys – our vision is success

Established in 2013, Aingura Attorneys is a legal firm, wholly-owned by Namibians. The firm is based in Oshakati, in the Oshana Region.

We specialize in litigation but pride ourselves in offering a broader spectrum of services to the public and business community.

Our goal is to enjoy continued success and growth by delivering quality, consistent legal services. We want to continue to change and improve and become a recognized market leader in the fields in which we specialize.

The mission of Aingura Attorneys is to provide the Northern Regions of Namibia with the best company and public interest legal guidance in:

  • Civil litigation
  • Criminal litigation
  • Labour law
  • Industrial law
  • Family law

We exist to attract and maintain customers, and to support the public interest community. We aim to be the company of choice among the public in the Northern Regions.

The firm’s founder and director, Mr. Simson Aingura, is a seasoned attorney with years’ experience both within the government as well as with one of Namibia’s top law firms. From 2007, Mr. Aingura served in the office of the Prosecutor General of Namibia, prosecuting criminal cases in the Magistrates’ courts. He then joined the esteemed firm LorentzAngula Incorporated in 2009 where he was in private practice until 2013.

With an extensive 5 years in the judicial field, Mr. Simson Aingura has the experience it takes to run a law firm. His experience will guide the firm to success.

Our staff is imbued with the perfection and professional skill to steer our firm to the desired success. They are guided by the fundamental principles of professionalism, accountability, and efficiency.

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