By | April 6, 2021

Frotcom Namibia Job Vacancies

About us

Frotcom is a global provider of vehicle tracking and fleet management systems. We’re a solid company and we’ve been growing constantly through the years, due to our successful and award winning team.Frotcom is currently used by thousands of companies worldwide for fleet management and GPS tracking. The solution has been adopted by both small and large fleets with more than one thousand vehicles.

Contact Information

Office: 555 Commercial Street, Smaries, Kronlein 9000, Keetmanshoop, Namibia 

Phone: 063 223 942


We are looking for people who share our values

We are focused

We will always strive to excel in a single mission, rather than attempt to spread our efforts elsewhere. That is why we are focused in intelligent fleet management for companies. That’s what we do.We believe in teamwork

We will always aim at hiring people with great professional skills. But that will not be enough if we do not work well as a team. Teamwork Is what makes us strong.We learn from our mistakes

We cannot expect to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. We learn from our mistakes to ensure that we do not make the same mistake twice.We do not pretend to know what we don’t know

Fleet management is a huge dynamic field of expertise. Our team has a lot of experience, but we will never know it all. If we are not sure about something, we don’t risk a wrong answer. We’ll learn about it before we give an answer. We do not compromise quality

We do not care if we could make money selling poor-quality solutions to price-sensitive businesses. We believe that most customers want high-quality solutions, so that is what we build and provide.We work ethically and fairly

We do not act unethically or unfairly to clients, colleagues, business partners, suppliers or competitors. Companies need to make money. We believe this should be done by adding value to society, not by fooling others.

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