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Hardap Region is situated south of the Khomas, Erongo and Omaheke region, on the east along the 20? E Longitude line, the region is further sharing the national border with the Republic of Botswana and South Africa, and to the south it borders the Karas region and alongside the west it is bounded with the Atlantic Ocean. The region is named after a local dam which reflects on the prominent role played by the Hardap Dam in the agro-economic development of the region.

The Hardap region is the third largest region in Namibia with the total area of 109 659 Km², occupying 13.3 percent of the country’s total land surface, with the low population density of 0.6 persons per square kilometre. The region has a population of approximately a projected figures of 72 483 total population size, with 35 262 females and 37 221 males (NPC, CBS 2001). On the question of land ownership, 75% of the entire region form part of commercial farms; 10% communal farmland and national parks claiming the almost 15% of the remaining area. The region is further divided into six political constituencies, namely: Rehoboth Urban West; Rehoboth Urban East; Rehoboth Rural; Mariental Urban; Mariental Rural and Gibeon.

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