By | May 15, 2021

Nkurenkuru Town Council Job Vacancies

About Us

The town of Nkurenkuru is the Regional Capital of the Kavango West. According to the National Population and Housing Census of 2011 figures, the population of the region is estimated at 115600 inhabitants. Its catchment area serves around 50 000 inhabitants working mainly in public sector such as school teachers and other ministries.

During the Angolan Civil War (1975-1989) Nkurenkuru became home for a base of the South African Defense Force and in 1988 the Nkurenkuru high school was founded and is one of the best performing schools in Namibia, and was rated among the top five best performing schools in Namibia both junior and secondary schooling in 2013 ministry of education final school results.

Strategy: its strategic plan is be prudent financial management, Ensure a health community, Provide condusive environment and encourage income generate project, Strengthen community capacity enhancement programme (HIV/AIDS), Create community awareness programmes, Accelerate Infrastructure development, Promote local economic development, Device retention strategy, Labour turnover, Develop policies, Improve ICT infrastructure utilization, Strengthen human resources capacity building, Ensure performance management system roll out and Improve stakeholder relations.

Contact Details

066 258089/120/121

P. O. Box 6004, Nkurenkuru


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