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HomePAGE Estate Agency Job Vacancies in Namibia

About Namibia

HomePAGE Estate Agency was established when the dream of owner Harrold Page, was realised. He has always been interested in property – whether it was old or new, vintage or modern, in disrepair or in use. His dream of owning and operating a real estate agency has now been realised – and our slogan LIVE THE DREAM couldn’t be more fitting!

It is our hope and ambition that we can help others to LIVE THE DREAM, by helping them to acquire the property of their dreams. Aspiring to use our clients’ needs, wants, dreams and aspirations when we help them on their real estate journey to ensure we only show them properties that they would want to see.

It is our goal to market every property entrusted to us by sellers, to the absolute best of our abilities, and to keep our sellers updated with the result of our efforts. For this purpose we will at least utilize social media, our website, as well as other websites available to us.

Our services offered are: Our services offered are:

  • Facilitate the buying and selling of real estate
  • Assisting with valuations of real estate
  • Assisting with home loan applications

We are looking forward to realising our dream, and will do our level best to assist in the realisation of our client’s dreams.

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