By | April 4, 2021

Institute for Open Learning Job Vacancies


Twenty-Five years ago, the Institute for Open Learning (IOL) opened its doors with the objective to ensure that access to higher education in Namibia not be limited to the few who can afford to study full time. Therefore, IOL dedicated the resources, the energy and the passion to open this institution to make education available to working students and students in far rural areas of Namibia.

IOL has grown in many ways to become the cornerstone as well as the foremost and largest private distance education institution in Namibia. The student enrolment has grown to over 60 000 students since establishing in 1995. Today, IOL is huge and vibrant, but it has never strained from its original vision of committing itself to excellent, recognised educational programmes, involvement with public and community educational services and becoming one of the foremost distance teaching education institutions in Namibia.



Full-fledged office
ICDL Testing & Resource Center (library)
Student Support Services
MET & Dispatch

 C/O Robert Mugabe Street and Dr Kenneth David Kaunda Street, Namibia

 061 – 270 9100

 061 – 270 9120

WhatsApp 085 715 4864

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