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International University of Management (IUM) 2019 Summer School Application Form And Guidelines

Transition Summer School 2019

This Transition Summer School is to assist students studying for Year 4 of International University of Management integrated honours degree qualifications affected by the curriculum changes and who have one or more outstanding courses/subjects at this level. It will allow them a final opportunity to complete this final year of their qualification.


– The Transition Summer School is for all students with outstanding subjects at degree year four (including additional subjects as detailed in exemption letters) in the “old” degree qualifications in
 Business Administration

 Human Resource Development and Management
 Business Information Systems

 Marketing Management
 Finance Management

 Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management
 HIV/AIDS Management

WHY? –

The Transition Summer School is the last opportunity students will have to successfully complete subjects of the old curriculum at this level. Passing these subjects is essential, as without them students will not be able to obtain their honours degree which is no longer offered. A failure to pass any subject outstanding from this year of study as part of their degree qualification will affect their ability to graduate in the future.


14-25 January 2019 the Summer School will offer a half day revision session for each subject to cover key points and answer any queries and a last opportunity to sit a final exam in that subject (the timetable will be posted on the website. The revision session alone is not enough to prepare students for the exams which will follow. Students must be revising for the examination themselves to make sure they are ready.


Students must register for the Transition Summer School by 18 January 2019. There will be no extension to this deadline. Register by emailing the completed registration form to, or handing it in at a University campus. Evidence of payment of an
administration fee of N$ 500.00 per subject must also be attached. Payments can be made at any campus or paid into Bank Windhoek, Kudu Branch, Beneficiary Name: IUM Book-Fund, Branch Code 482172, Bank Account No 3000338051, Reference SS and your student Number. Students will not be able to attend class, or sit the exam unless they have first registered and paid the fee


Students attending the Summer school will be able to sit an examination between 28 January-8 February 2019 (timetable will be on website when available). The University’s normal examination regulations, as published in the annual prospectus and Examination Guidelines, will apply except:
 No qualifying Continuous Assessment Mark is required.
 The pass mark is 50% as normal but for Summer School attendees there will be no opportunity to sit supplementary exams, or to delay or postpone the exam. For Transition Summer School Students they must achieve 50% in the Summer School exams to pass. Note: the University cannot be held responsible if a student finds a clash in the Summer School timetable or examination timetable for different subjects.
This will be a final opportunity to complete outstanding subjects from Year 4 of the old curriculum Honours degrees.
Separate arrangements are in place for outstanding subjects at lower levels, see the website for details (
Do not be caught out – register now.

Kindly view the form below or click on this link for the Application forms.

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