By | June 6, 2018

Join Forces Conference 2018 by the Namibia University of Science and Technology

Tapping Youth Employability Opportunities – Work Integrated Learning, Vocational Training & Entrepreneurship

WIL, Vocational Training & Entrepreneurship Conference

An international  conference on how to unleash employability skills to bring young talent, skills and leadership to workplaces – Sharing learnings from WIL, Vocational Training & Entrepreneurship Programmes in Africa and internationally.


Advance Research & Practice

Improve and inform research by establishing a community of practice that shares the latest results and best practices that can assist to develop programmes for the required employability skills.


Share & Exchange

Learn, discuss and gain insights about national and international experiences with employability improvement programmes, such as WIL, Vocational Training, and Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity programmes.


Inspire to Tap Opportunities

Exert a knowledge transfer to make recommendations on how the development of employability skills can be best supported by stakeholders, such as industry, education institution, government, students etc., in a sustainable win-win-manner.




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