By | September 24, 2018

Law Student Turns Philanthropist At University of Namibia

A past of hardship in rural Namibia has inspired a 22 year old Law student,Susana Hamunyela, to start a project in northern Namibia to assist learners in rural schools.Being from a rural area herself,Susana never thought she would one day make it into Law. But in 2015, she registered at the University of Namibia’s Faculty of Law. This development basically inspired her to start the project, appropriately named the “Pashukeni Project”,which, in Oshiwambo means, “to awaken”.

The project was conducted in the form of an event, which was held at the Ontoko Combined School in the Onesi Constituency. The event involved two other schools namely,Omindamba Combined Schooland Etunda Combined School. The project had four main aims. Firstly,to provide educational talks to the learners, secondly, to award the top performing learners, thirdly,to donate clothes and finally, to host a mini career fair. The even twas made up of motivational speeches, a mini career fair, prize giving ceremony, dances and performances by cultural groups.Although currently only based in Omusati region, Susana hopes to grow her project into a foundation,the ‘Pashukeni Foundation’. She and her team are calling on sponsors to assist her project to become a registered charity.Potential donors may contact Susana on the following number and email: and +264816374790.