By | November 7, 2018

National University of Sciences and Technology Upgrade Your Skills 2018

The third Annual Secretaries Convention was held under the theme ‘Transforming Minds, Changing Lives.’ The event serves as a platform to create an opportunity for personal assistants, secretaries and office administrators, to not only enhance their skills sets, but also to become exposed to latest trends in the ever-changing work environment.

Ester Kali, the Chief Executive Officer of Letshego Bank, Namibia, delivered the keynote address in which she encouraged the participants to constantly challenge themselves and upgrade their qualifications in order to remain competitive. Dr Tjama Tjivikua, the NUST Vice-Chancellor (Pro Tem), echoed similar sentiments. “It is important that we keep abreast of changes in our spheres of work and that we remain adaptable and flexible and learn continuously. Sometimes, we will also be required to unlearn old habits, attitudes, patterns of behaviour and ways of doing things! Change is constant and if we have fixed mindsets and are set in our ways of doings things, we will surely be left behind,” he said.

The event was hosted by NUST and was open to all personal assistants, secretaries and office administrators around the country.