NIMT 2022 March Intake – Namibia

By | March 30, 2022
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Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT) 2022 March Intake & Special Intake 2022

Management of the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT) has announced the new March Intake & Special Intake for the new 2022 academic year.

New applicants must read and follow the guidelines during the application process. Send your feedback to the administrators using the comment box below.

The Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) is able to offer governmental loan assistance training positions to a limited number of first-year candidates who want to become qualified artisans and are interested in following a four-year training route in one of the following disciplines/trades:

Fitting & Turning; Welding/Boilermaking; Electrical; Diesel/Petrol Mechanics; Automotive Mechatronics; Autotronics; Instrumentation; Plumbing/Sheetmetal; Carpentry/Joinery; Bricklaying/Plastering; Air-conditioning/Refrigeration; Clothing Production; Electrical Millwright

For all the trades, Grade 11 is a prerequisite for acceptance.

2022 NSFAF Application Requirements

To qualify:

1. The applicant’s parents may together not earn more than N$500,000.00 per annum

2. Apply online with NSFAF/Acknowledge letter

3. The Applicant must be a Namibian Citizen and not employed.

4. The applicant may not have obtained a NSFAF loan in the past.

5. He/She has to attach to this advertisement certified copies of:

  •  His/her National Cambridge/NSSCO Grade 12 results
  • Certificate with pass marks in Mathematics, Science and English.
  • Any other qualification e.g. N1, N2, N3 etc.
  • ID Card or Passport of applicant and both parents
  • ID Card of Applicant
  • Full Birth Certificate  Drivers licence (if any)
  • Driver’s License (if any)
  • Medical Certificate
  • Unemployment Declaration of applicant
  • Latest payslip of both parents or pension card or death certificate
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The NIMT does not provide a trainee with Accommodation nor Pocket Money

Only for the above Trades contact NBCT

All NIMT Campuses will start on:

Level 1 & Special Trainees: 14 March 2022.

Level 2 Trainees on all campuses: 1 March 2022.

Level 3 trainees NNC: 1 March 2022.

Level 3 NET, NBCT & NSC Campuses: 22 March 2022 

Private Sector sponsored trainees to finalize registration with the NIMT also before the closing date.

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On registration, the following fees have to be paid:

Governmental Loan Assistance Trainees:

Non-refundable registration fee: N$3,500.00

Additional: Accommodation/Transport: N$6,600.00 per semester (Only if you stay in NIMT’s rooms/use NIMT transport)

If financial assistance from the NSFAF has already been obtained/utilized previously, then NIMT requires an acknowledgment letter from the NSFAF confirming that your training at NIMT will be funded.

Private Sector sponsored trainees:

Training fees: N$30,000.00

Additional: Accommodation/Transport: N$6,600.00 per semester (Only if you stay in NIMT’s rooms/use NIMT transport)

If you are interested and comply with the above requirements, kindly complete the application form (see below) and mail/fax it with the above-mentioned documentation to:

The Executive Director: NIMT

Private Bag 5025

Fax: (064) 510 369


NOTE: Only applications with all the required documentation will be considered. All documentation will become the sole property of NIMT and will only be returned if a self-addressed, stamped envelope accompanies your documentation.

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Only short-listed candidates will be informed telephonically and through an advert in the newspaper!

Also, we will be publishing the names on the homepage

Closing date: 25th February 2022, 12 noon


Contact Us

The Executive Director:

NIMT Private Bag 5025

Fax: (064) 510 369


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56 thoughts on “NIMT 2022 March Intake – Namibia

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  2. Maddison

    I would like to know, I have grade 11 certificate and a certificate in mechanical engineering, I would like to do diesel mechanic, can I apply special traineeship or I should apply apprenticeship, thank you

  3. Joseph Augustinus

    when are the names of special trainees, for march intakes will be out?

  4. Marco

    Hello,just wanted to ask about the 2022 full-time intake when will the names be released and where to find it.

  5. Absalom malakia

    When does the successful applicant names are they going to be out

  6. Julia

    Good afternoon, when are the names of those that are admitted will be out?

  7. Mbitjita Kamburona

    When are the names of the Arandis Campus been published and/or how do we know about the rejection or acceptance

  8. Ruben

    I am Khp resident with an one year certificate in Welding and Fabrication and Grade 10, with 2years of working experience in The Welding and fabrication trade, Since i did not finish my grade 11 & 12 , Do qualify for

  9. Joseph

    Hello, I would like to ask if Nimt hostel fee can be payed in instalments. For example paying N$ 4000.00 the first day at registration than pay the due amount the following month.

  10. Muronga Vindicator

    I have done part time in electrical General @ RVTC up to phase two.. Should I still need to start from lvl 1 on full time?

  11. Mr Kagola

    in grade 11 I was having social science but physical science was not included as my subject and I would like to apply at nimt as a Electrical Engineer,will I get chance to be admitted at nimt?
    When will the second intake 2022 be open?

  12. Mr.Kk2

    I have a grade 11 certificate but physical science was not included because I had social science,will I get a tobe admitted at nimt to study for electrical engineer?
    When will the second intake 2022 be open?


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