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NUST New Programmes 2019

Bachelor of Culinary Arts

The Bachelor of Culinary Arts is geared towards equipping students with the theoretical and practical principles and aspects of the culinary arts, including
hot and cold commercial kitchens, charcuterie, patisserie and kitchen management.

Minimum Admission Requirements: Applicants must have passed Grade 12 with 25 points in 5 subjects, including an E symbol in English at NSSC Ordinary
Level. In addition, all candidates will be required to attend an interview as the final stage in the admissions process.

Students could be required to provide evidence of work experience in a commercial kitchen.
Career Possibilities: Positions in the industry as cooks, chefs, caterers, kitchen supervisors and managers or entrepreneurs.

Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management (Honours)

The Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management (Honours) is designed to consolidate and deepen competencies in the main cognate area of learning
within Hospitality and Tourism. The programme takes a multi-dimensional approach to the management of hospitality and tourism services and requires students to apply strategic approaches in this ever changing and dynamic environment. Students will be able to plan, handle and solve managerial and strategic challenges within the hospitality and tourism

Minimum Admissions Requirements: Applicants must be holders of a Bachelor of Hospitality Management or a Bachelor of Tourism Management at NQF level 7 (worth at least 360 credits) or an equivalent qualification from a recognised institution. Applicants with pre-NQF Bachelor’s degrees in domain
areas closely related to Hospitality and Tourism Management, such as Hotel Management, Business Administration, may also apply for admission into the
programme. Such applicants will be evaluated by the department and considered for admission on a case-bycase basis.
Career Possibilities: Middle and senior management positions within the industry in areas such as management and operations, marketing, policy planning and development.

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Deadline: Tuesday,15 January 2019

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