By | February 27, 2018

Rundu Vocational Training Centre (RVTC) venturing into Agriculture

Situated in Kavango East region, the region known by its fertile soil and plenty of water you find Rundu Vocational Training Centre – the sought after VTC in Namibia. Known by its good reputation to the outside RVTC has produced many successful people. It has a lot of Ambassadors in public and Private sectors.
With 9 trades, RVTC decided to add on their courses by adding two Agricultural courses. The two added courses are Horti Culture and Farm Machinery. Horti Culture trainees started in July 2017 while Farm Machinery only registered in January 2018. With a lot of green scheme in the region, this will boost the country’s food basket. The two trades are for Rundu VTC in Kavango East region and Zambezi VTC in Zambezi region. The two regions can feed the country with health agricultural produced foods.
RVTC is encouraging the nation specifically the youth to register and engage themselves into agriculture courses. The job market is also on demand for the two trades. With Horti Culture which started July 2017, the practical part has started with the planting of fruits and vegetables. Mrs. Haingura who is the VET Trainer for Horti Culture is happy with the progress so far. RVTC is pleading with business people to sponsor more training equipment’s for the new trades. The trades are the right one for the region. The training department is planning to bring more trades due to high demand in training.

We will feed Namibia