SGA Chartered Accountants & Auditors Namibia Job Vacancies 2023

By | January 16, 2023

SGA Chartered Accountants & Auditors Namibia Job Vacancies 2023



SGA Chartered Accountants and Auditors (SGA) is probably the most established firm of Chartered Accountants and Auditors in Namibia, providing audit, accounting, tax and company secretarial services.

We pride ourselves in being one of the largest accounting and auditing firms in Namibia with our staff complement that varies between 80 and 100 people at any given time, all working together with the professional and high standards we are known for.

We are the only large audit firm that is truly Namibian; none of our profits leaves the country through any international firm structure or licensing fee. All our staff and partners are Namibian. Our firm is built on two pillars: our clients and staff, the one never being more important than the other.

SGA has invested heavily in the recruitment and training of Namibians through our bursary programme since the late 1990’s and prides itself on being committed to transformation and equal opportunity employment.

We build our client service on Namibian-based knowledge of an extremely high standard. It is our goal to become the Namibian auditing and accounting employer of choice.

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Contact Details

24 Orban Str, Klein Windhoek,
Windhoek, Namibia

P O Box 30

Tel : +26461 276 000
Fax : +26461 232 309

Email SGA



It’s time to rethink what it means to be an accountant. It’s not just about crunching numbers or helping people with their tax returns.

Handling a large variety of business issues, getting an understanding of a range of industries and perhaps even travelling the world! An accountant understands the business, of business.

We are called to maintain the highest levels of integrity, gain a deep understanding of the corporate strategy as well as human psychology, and it’s a profession that is always in high demand.

Come and join the exciting and rewarding career of a Chartered Accountant.


We offer employment opportunities on all levels within our firm, whether it being part-time starters from Grade 12 or audit and accounting seniors, supervisors and managers.

We don’t have “typical” days in our office. Our variety of clients and diversity of staff don’t allow it.

As a proud Namibian firm, we believe strongly in equal opportunity employment. We look at four important factors when hiring new staff – technical ability, the ability to work with people, a balanced life philosophy and integrity. We believe in having skilled, balanced staff that are also warm, friendly and open to building relationships – both with clients and within the firm.

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We care deeply about our clients’ businesses. We are committed to nurturing and growing the best in all our staff, and helping each other do so along the way.

If this sounds like you, submit your CV with the relevant documentation and qualifications today to Join the accounting and auditing team that is second to none in Namibia!