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Wright Registered Accountants & Auditors Namibia Job Vacancies

Who we are

Our services are delivered to you with an emphasis on providing insight beyond the numbers.

Value Added

Our services are delivered to you with an emphasis on providing insight beyond the numbers. To accomplish this goal, Wright Registered Accountants & Auditors has a dedicated team that provides audits of the highest quality. Namely, our team brings the following expertise to the table:

•Auditing using the International Standards on Auditing (ISAS)

•Significant auditing experience with boasting of a combined 15 years of experience across different sectors including construction, energy, property, retail, mining, tourism, transport and logistics, NPOs, NGOs, education, arts and culture, financial services, healthcare, food and agriculture, Insurance, manufacturing and engineering, membership organisations and trade unions, owner-managed businesses, professional practices, public sector, real estate and construction, shipping and transport, sports and leisure, technology, engineering and consulting

  • Value-addition in terms of other reports such as management reports that aims to improve the operations of the company
  • Enhanced reporting by taking into consideration the industry best practices
  • Provide a level on assurance on the financial statements for third party users such for banks, tenders etc.
  • Personal touch with face to face interaction
  • Provide a high level of recommendations and policy implementations


At Wright, we deliver a robust and innovative approach to audit and assurance. We recognize the primary importance of internal controls over financial reporting and for this reason, our audit approach emphasizes risk management, IT assurance, data analytics, and financial reporting.


From early-stage entrepreneurs to complex international groups, our clients are ambitious and successful. Providing intelligent, common-sense solutions, we partner our clients in achieving their goals.


Consulting at Wright comprises a number of like-minded professionals from various disciplines, who have organised themselves and collaborate under the Wright banner to assist clients achieve and maximise their shareholders’ value.


P.O. Box 80908, Olympia, Windhoek, Namibia

Erf 1181, Kreuzberg strasse, Eros, Windhoek

Tel: +264 61 415 254
Tel/ Fax: +26461415264, +264 81 201 2887 | 081 275 9780

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