By | November 14, 2019

University of Namibia students awarded N$106 000 cash prize from Prudential Portfolio Managers of Namibia (Pty) Ltd

UNAM students, Fahil Yoleni Haufiku and Helena Nafuka, were awarded bursaries from Prudential Portfolio Managers of Namibia (Pty) Ltd.

Mr Ben Bertolini, the Managing Director of Prudential, during his keynote address made a profound statement, saying “Namibia is a rich country, we have diamonds and fish but our GDP is low, so what is missing? Human Capital is missing.

One can have all the resources, but if there is insufficient human capital, who will give the resources life?”

Dean of the Science Faculty, Dr Martha Nickanor extended gratitude to the firm for assisting deserving students. She said “Vision of 2030, and the Harambe prosperity plan can only be realised when we hold hands and today marks such a point in time.”

Fahil Haufiku, a Bachelor of Science Statistics (honours) student and Helena Nafuka,  studying an MSc in Mathematics, were the two successful candidates out of 10 applicants. Haufiku had an average of 88%, while Nafuka scored a whopping 94%.

Ms Tuwilika Ashipala from Prudential Portfolio Managers of Namibia expressed that the candidates’ applications reflected how brilliant and hardworking they are, “These students weren’t lucky, they prepared themselves for this opportunity”, she said.

Mr Tango Kandjaba, Assistant Director of UNAM Foundation – the department responsible for managing bursary funds remarked, “Moments like these, in this economic situation, do not happen every day at the Foundation. Prudential has taken a very important role to award our students because most students go through hardship at the university, but still manage to maintain high performance.”