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Welwitchia University Fee Schedule for 2021/2022 May Intake

Welwitchia Health Training Centre (WHTC) is inviting interested Grade 10, 11 and 12 Graduates to Apply for the newly introduced Certificate in Health Sciences Foundations (Level 4) which is meant to bridge learners into higher and tertiary level qualifications offered by WHTC.

Welwitchia University September 2021 Intake [Apply Now!]

Program duration is 12 months and the qualification can ONLY be used for pursing undergraduate programs with WHTC. Entry into Nursing, Environmental Health and Pharmacy Programmes after graduation is subject to passing entry tests. Read more here…


Upon registration, students are required to pay minimum as follows:

 Namibian StudentsInternational Students
Registration FeesN$2,500.00N$2,500.00
General LevyN$550.00N$550.00
Tuition Fees25% of Annual Tuition50% of Annual Tuition

NB* Minimum required at registration is Registration Fees + General Levy + 25% or 50% of Tuition


•Namibian Students are required to pay 25% deposit of the total annual tuition upon registration.

•All foreign students shall pay a 50% deposit of the total annual tuition fees upon registration

•Each student is required to pay an instalment of 10% of the remaining balance after 25% deposit (Namibian Students).

•Each student is required to pay an instalment of 10% of the remaining balance after 50% deposit (Foreign Students).

•Students also have an option of full payment (year) on tuition at registration or semester payment (twice a year)

•Tuition fees paid by installment shall be paid on or before the 7th of each month for 10 months irrespective of the date of enrolment/commencement of classes.

•Students in arrears of up to two (2) months installments will be suspended from classes until such fees owed have been paid in full.

•Tuition fees shall be paid fully per course and not per duration of the course irrespective of the date of the start of classes.

•A penalty of 9.7% will be charged on late payments.

•Students will not be allowed to sit for any exam with outstanding amounts on their account.

•No transcripts/examination results shall be released to any student before clearing all outstanding fees.

Fees per module

*All modules are compulsory

NoMODULECodeLevelAmount N$
 Year 1 Semester 1   
1.English and Communications Skills Foundations 1ECF10131,450.00
2.Mathematics and Problem-Solving Skills Foundations 1MPF10231,450.00
3.Computer and Information Systems FoundationsCIF10331,450.00
4.Anatomy and Physiology FoundationsAPF10441,780.00
5.Microbiology and Parasitology FoundationsMPF10941,780.00
6.Physics and Chemistry FoundationsPCF10441,780.00
 Year 1 Semester 2   
7.English and Communications Skills Foundations 2ECF101141,780.00
8.Mathematics and Problem-Solving Skills Foundations 2MPF102141,780.00
9.Environmental Health FoundationsEHF10641,780.00
10.Nursing and Midwifery FoundationsNMF11041,780.00
11.Occupational Health and Safety FoundationsOHF11141,780.00
12.Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Calculations FoundationsPPF11241,780.00
 TOTAL YEAR 1  20,370.00

NB* Total fees payable per student for this Certificate is N$23,420


All payments should be made directly into the following accounts by transfer or cash deposit into any of the following account;-

Account Name: Welwitchia Health Training Centre

Bank Name:NED BANK
Account Number: 11990228185
Branch Code:461617
Reference:Student Number + Student Name
Account Number: 800 357 9086
Branch code:486 372
Reference:Student Number + Student Name

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