Welwitchia University 2021 May Intake

By | June 1, 2021
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The Welwitchia University May 2021 intake has been announced. We are inviting applications for May 2021 intake into the Certificate in Health Sciences Foundations course enrollment. May Intake for Health Sciences Foundation is now open. Classes can be attended at the Windhoek, Walvis Bay, Kombat, Nkurenkuru campuses, and for the first time, this course will also be offered in OUTAPI 

Welwitchia University September 2021 Intake [Apply Now!]

New applicants can start their 2021 May application using the provided application form on this page;

Below is the general admission information which contains the admission criteria etc.

2021 May Intake Entry Requirements.

Any of the following categories of prospective learners may apply;

Grade 10 Graduates: 20 Points in Grade 10 with E in English

Grade 11 Graduates: 10 Points in New NSSCO Grade 11 with E in English

Grade 12 Graduates: 10 Points in Grade 12).

All applicants are required to take note of the following:

Important Application Dates

Application Period: 21 April – 17 May 2021

Registration Date: 18 May – 28th May 2021

Orientation: 01 June – 02 June 2021

First Semester: 03 June – 03 September 2021

Second Semester: 20 September – 28 January 2022

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2021 May Intake Application Guidelines

How to Apply for the May Intake.

– Applications shall be completed online through WHTC’s Website: www.welwitchia.com.na

– An application fee of N$230 shall be applicable

– All programme enquiries may be sent to admissions@welwitchia.com.na

This is a Foundation course (Level 4) specifically for those with low points. After successful completion we look at your existing Gr10/12 points PLUS your Foundation results and you can use both to apply for any of WHTC programs

Mode: Full Time only

Students can attend classes at any of the following campuses: Windhoek Walvis Bay Kombat Nkurenkuru Outapi.

Welwitchia University May 2021 Application Procedure

See the Fee Structure for May Intake Here

  1. Deposit the N$230 Application fee into the Bank Account below:-
    Account Name: Welwitchia Health Training Centre
    Bank Name: NED BANK
    Account Number: 11990228185
    Branch Code: 461617
    Swift Code: NEDS NA NX
    Reference: Foundation Program + Student Name
  2. Scan the following documents which will be required when you complete your Application form
    Application Fee Proof of Payment
    Certified ID Copy/Passport (Foreign Nationals)
    Certified Copies of Grade 10, Grade 11 or Grade 12 Certificates




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4.Application responses will only be done after the closing date (17th of May).

Terms and Conditions:

– This certificate is for those who don’t qualify directly into WHTC programmes with their existing points and wishes to pursue current programmes such as Nursing etc among other after completion of the Certificate.

– Private Accommodation is available in Kombat

– Entry into Nursing, Environmental Health and Pharmacy Programes after graduation is subject to passing entry tests.

Attached Document

Contact Us

Welwitchia University 2021 contact information

Contact the following numbers for more information:


+264(0)61 – 247 238,
+264(0)81 – 231 1896,
+264 (0)81 – 300 2787,
+264(0)81 – 249 7315,
+264(0)66 – 258 059

Office Address

183 Industrial Street, Lafrenz Windhoek, NamibiaEmail


Postal Address

P.O.Box 98604 , Pelican Square,

Hochland Park, Windhoek ,

Namibia, 9000

For terms and conditions visit our website at www.welwitchia.com.na.

301 thoughts on “Welwitchia University 2021 May Intake

  1. jphanna ndilokelwa

    A warm greeting to you ,am Johanna and just wanted to verify .so you mean its only for those who did not qualify for other programs such as nursing ,pharmacists etc??? and when will other programs like nursing application come out ?

    1. Maria

      Greetings to you administrator…
      I would like to ask when is the next intake for foundation???

  2. Sisco metaatuu

    Were can I get the may intake application form 2021
    I tried the website already its not showing

  3. Moses Kambinda

    And how much is the whole course and may you please avail the fee outline and mode of payment

  4. Joel

    Tell me the school fees how much we will pay for the whole course of foundation May intake

  5. Aishe

    Thanks very much welwitchia, my question is..did you offer distance?

  6. Patricia keis

    I am trying to apply but don’t know how…i dont see a place where i can apply.

  7. Asser Mateke

    Please help me because I want to apply online but I can’t see the applications. How can I apply online?

  8. Joel

    Regarding school fees how will I know that i have enough money for the whole course? Sir just tell us that the whole course it costs how much or you can pay the half of this amount then you will pay others after a month or what ever because for me i don’t understand

  9. Paulina simon

    Are the grade 10s also going to do nursing?and how do i apply?

  10. Mercelyn Cherolda Damases

    Good day now since we only have to pay for the application fee will there be a high chance that everyonr that applies Will be accepted?
    And how will one know how much to bring on the day of registration while not knowing what to pay for the course,

    1. Justina

      As I applied ,I received a Notification said :welcome to welwitchia health centre with my username and password. It means my application is processed or what? Because it still showing that it’s pending.

  11. Joseph Chester

    Hey, did you manage to apply? B’coz I can’t find it too

  12. J Chester

    Those people are not picking up our calls and this link you’re giving us seems to have a problem. Talk to the management please something wrong with your website.

  13. Handivele.T

    Good day..for ua from from opuwo there is no nedbank here so what can we do..? Is there any other bank we can use…? If there is provide us with the bank details..

  14. Venessa Tubalele

    Am trying to apply but the new application form is not visible at all

  15. Maria Alletta

    Hello sir or madam I once apply but I made a mistake by typing a wrong email though my application online is that really needed or do I need to reapply ?? Becouse I didn’t get any notification yet or do I need to go at the campus where I have applied and ask them if they sow my application??please I am worried I don’t know what to do now because i am worried mybe they notify me and I didn’t get it becouse of the wrong email

  16. Gissy

    If this is just for people who have not qualify, now for those that qualify can they apply for september intakes now or wait for june

  17. Martha

    Is it possible to go to the university for help?cos I have been trying for a while now but it stuck I need help please admin.

  18. RosaIia

    Good day administrator. I’m trying to open the application form but it’s asking user name and password
    And if I did caregiver for 3 month I can’t Willing to register for March 2022

  19. chirley

    hi good day, i want to ask, i do not have any science subjects but im interested in doing this course, will i be able to apply for enrolled nursing. will this course help me to qualify

  20. Justina

    How will I know that I admitted and for how long to be notified that ?

  21. Maretha

    Dear admin
    I applied online filled in where necessary but my admission status still says pending. What do I do, as all the information is there??

  22. Linda

    Good evening admin I try to apply but doesn’t to go through what can I do now? I am already pay application fees

  23. Linda

    Good morning admin
    I suppose to put walvis but now I make mistake I put Windhoek.. I will able to reapply to change the centre pls

  24. Martha

    Can I please get the application of Certificate in Health in Science Foundations for June intake.

  25. Annafrieda

    Good day admin…..may i please know for how long does this take because i applied on Wednesday but up to now still pending…….

  26. Betholda Maya

    Good evening admin, may you please help me with username and password .

  27. Betholda Maya

    How will I send my certified certificate, ID and the receipt it is failing to upload.

  28. Chester

    How will I send my certified certificate, ID and the receipt it is failing to upload

  29. Cleona

    I’m trying to apply. But it only goes as far as “click here to apply” and clicking doesn’t go anywhere? I have already paid the $230 and there’s no campus nearby I’m in Katima

  30. Ndinelao

    Good day? I would love to know when is September intake starting with the application…

  31. Victoria

    Evening i would like to know if you have September intake for this foundation please



  33. Elizabeth

    Evening? Is there any bank account where can I deposit apart from netbank cz am in omaruru and there is no netbank, please help

  34. Krisiana Ester S

    Good morning administrator? When is the admission names being released and registration fees, since the registration starts tomorrow?

  35. Sihinga Rauna Sihawa

    Good day

    How will I change the centre where i mistakenly apply.. especial I want to change from Windhoek to Nkurenkuru training health Centre

  36. Gilbert Nanuseb

    I paid the 230 but my application cant go through since morning time

  37. Justin

    My phone just got brocken, and my email just got lost, how will I know that I am admitted, will you people notify us via SMS?

  38. Penehafo

    I have been trying to submit my application form but it doesn’t want to go through.i even vist Widhoek Centre they sent me back.what can I do?

  39. Annafrieda

    Good day admin…i want to ask…if you want to apply for nursing and you did not meet the requirements of getting 22 ponts…but you you have a certificate in office administration and a D in english,, it is possible to qualify or only when you have 22 points???

  40. Sisco METAATUU

    I don’t know whether my application is submitted since its saying admission status pending

  41. Salmie

    Evening admin, when is the admission names being released ? Please help

  42. Christina

    Good day
    Any late application or registration for course starting in June?

  43. Flexciana

    Please im a bit late but may i apply now or should i Waite for September please i want to know


  44. Esther

    How will i know that i got excepted at the campus because i applied at windhoek and want to know so i prepare for everything

  45. Esther tracey

    And only received a email the day i applied on the 29th of April

  46. Josef Hilya

    Good day admin why my application still pending?

  47. Joel

    I think the management needs to extend the registration date because i think this week no one registered because like for me neh my status is just pending still and when are we going to informed that we get admitted as today is already Friday and we have to prepare for money and the registration is already ending next week Friday and still I didn’t get your response

  48. Mwaka

    Hey..! I have 24 points and I applied for may intake so I wanted to know if by any chance I might be admitted by this program since the were no maximum points it was only 10 points in g11

  49. Tracy m

    Hello administrator please help can one go the school it self to find out if you are addimited or not. And if you are addimited can you pau the registration?????
    And when is the due date for paying is it 28 or they will be late registration

  50. Annafriedah

    Morning everyone….for some of us who are still busy waiting for our replies lets stop hoping…i called the management last week..i was told that they are taking only those who have highest points…i wonder why they post those points and yet they choose again…as for me im being blamed that i wasted the money..and it really hurts when you waste something that you are strugling to get…..stop hoping guys….

  51. Emilia Martin

    Good afternoon administrators ,when is your waiting list be out for WHK

  52. Mwaka

    Afternoon administrator! I just want to know if by any chance I can be admitted to this May intake because I hve 24 points

  53. Chester

    I just received my admission letter the admission status still pending

  54. Betholda Maya

    Good evening admin , I just want to ask if they sent all the admission letters, meaning if we didn’t receive then we were not admitted….

  55. Emilia Martin

    Can you please notify us ,for those who are on waiting list ,as for me they told me they will admit me at Walvisbay ,Khurenkul or ,at kombat campus ,but I’ve got no option for neither of them.

  56. Krisiana Ester S

    Good evening administrator? Why am I admitted at a wrong campus? What can I do, I applied to Windhoek campus

  57. Ester

    Admin how would I change the centre, since I applied at Windhoek campus and I’m now admitted at Nkurenkuru? I need a change/ correction please due to some financial problems. Please help

  58. Esther m

    Mine is still showing pending 94.44% what does that mean and i haven’t received any adimision later yet what’s the way forward

  59. Alletta

    So means of you didn’t receive the admission letter from on the 24th it means you didn’t get admitted or they are still sending to people until friday??just for us to know whether we are admitted or not please give us information about dates to notify admitted students pls??

  60. Alletta

    Are you still sending admission letters to those who are admitted or you are done with them yesterday??? Pls tell us weather we are admitted or rejected

  61. Taimy

    Good morning admin?? for how long we should wait for admission letter?? I didn’t receive anything yet

  62. Ileimo Daimo

    A warm greeting to you may. My name is Ileimo and I applied for may intake and a welcoming letter was send on my email ,I have no idea if I am admitted that way or there was suppo6 to be another letter please help

  63. Liezette

    Good day admin ,do grade 11 stand a chance if being admitted for the September intake courses?
    I have 26 points in 6 subjects in grade 11.

  64. Karimuina

    I applied didn get a feedback till today for how long should i wait…….are you only taking the ones tht applied wth grade 12
    Please reply how should i knw i am additted or rejected

  65. Taimi

    They send me that my application was unseccesful but the time I send my application they send me an email that they saw the application…

  66. Teresa

    I call nkurenkuru managment asking about admission letter she said their done their no more. Sending if u ddnt receive u are not admit which break my mood..
    And we don’t hve any chance to be admited or how please admin ?

  67. Olivia

    Hi admin,About the accommodations at kombat
    Does one need to apply for it or what ?
    How do I get accommodation there?
    Who do I ask ?

  68. Esony

    Can someone please tell me when is the list of people admitted being published…?or the ones on the waiting list

  69. Emilia Martin

    Can you please help about the fees is like am confused, I need to pay 8147 or 2500??

  70. Mwaka

    Morning! Can you help me regarding the fees am I supposed to pay the whole 8147 now or I can only pay the 2500 for registration first.

    1. Rauna Sihinga

      I think we are paying N$8 147.00, registration + General Levy of 550 + 25% of the tuition fee = 8147.00

  71. Tashana Metaatuu

    My status are saying pending meaning what now?
    why don’t you just place the admitted names on google so we know,tomorrow is already Friday

  72. Vera

    I just wanted to ask for those on the waiting list if you get the admition later and applied to windhoek but on the waiting list for walwis bay when u get that admission can u register at windhoek campus because of some other reasons

  73. Ester

    Evening admin? Why there was no space on the registration for other documents written on the admission letter?

  74. Etheninge

    Until when must i wait my form is still pending or i m rejected?where can we find names for those who are admitted?

  75. Ester Abner

    Morning admin? When are you sending out, proof of registration letter, tomorrow is already monday and orientation is on the 1st of june?

  76. Chesteie

    Afternoon good people. Is there anyone who received his/her proof of registration letter?🤔

  77. Krisiana Ester S

    Good evening admin? Can I still come tomorrow for my changes(campus changing?, or should I wait for Tuesday since orientation dates was changed?

    1. Kaino

      I want to exchange with u ester cse am at nkurenkuru an am admtd at whk but I want at nkurenkuru campus

  78. johanna ndemufao

    A very warm greeting to you ,hope your day is well .
    just wanted to know or verify ,are nursing September application forms out ?

  79. Mamie

    Good evening admin, pls kindly help with admitted list for health science may intake 2021

  80. Raetovingi Tracy Kapi

    Good day…im raetovingi tracy kapi from opuwo and i applied for nursing midwifery foundations. I applied on the due date an our application forms were failing to submit. But we have got an e-mail which was saying welcome to welwitchia. All i want to know is are we admitted or not because i have been calling an the phone is unanswered. Tell us what to do or what went wrong please.

  81. Mushe Nankole

    Good morning admin are they done sending admission letter or what?

  82. Mushe Nankole

    Good Morning admin? Am on the list but i haven’t received my admission letter and the cant pick up the phone and even the email they are not responding

  83. Focalistics_official_NA

    Good day……administrator
    I’m a grade 11 learners got 26 points in six and a B in English can i apply for September intake or should I wait there’s still to come
    I did MATH and SCIENCE🙄🙄
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!…..

  84. Paulina

    Good evening?i did Social Field,i have Math and Development studies.
    Am i able to apply here?

  85. Jesaya

    Please help me administrator every time i am application for September online application it says opps something went wrong what must i do

    1. Jesaya

      Please help me on how to apply 2021 September online application every time i fill in my detail when i press preview or submit it start loading and come up a message says sorry something went wrong

  86. Emmah Mandizvidza

    Hie Admn. I am a Zimbabwean and I want to apply for September intake ,how am I going to know about my points , I have 6subjects with chain of C’s including English language. And I want to apply online since I am still in Zimbabwe. Can you please help me about how to send application fee , there’s Nedbank here is it ok to use this one or.
    Help a sister dear.

  87. Joicy

    Good afternoon Admin? i just want to find out cos i was admitted for May intake in health science foundation and i didn’t register due to the delay of the admission letter. can i apply again or what?

  88. Lahja

    Good day admin when is the 2022 applications available coz I can’t seem to get its just saying the link might not be available en I should call

  89. Vicky

    Good day sir, may you please tell us when will the names be released for the admitted students September intake 2021.

  90. Rosa

    Helo admin. What do I do with the password and username I was send via email?


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